Fancy Gadam has reacted to a comment made by Patapaa, that he should stop doing music and go rear cows because he has no talent.

Fancy Gadam in reacting to the jab from Patapaa disclosed that he’s shocked Patapaa said that about him because each time he sees his face, it reminds him of something that makes him cry.

“I have never chopped cow meat before. How then do I become a fulani man? I don’t really get him at all. So who really deserves to stop doing music?” he quizzed.

Fancy Gadam who is pissed off by Patapaa’s statement continued to say that he would never stop doing music to rear cows and that he rather feels sad for Patapaa whenever he sees his face.

In an interview with Northern TV, he said that he weeps each time he sees Patapaa’s face and that got the host asking, why he weeps.
He replied; ” I had a goat which looked exactly like Patapaa. My sister, anytime I see Patapaa, it reminds me of the goat and makes me to cry for a long time.”


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