HG Concepts and Instinct Wave productions is set to premiere a rib-cracking pidgin comic-movie  dubbed ”JACOB” at the Global Cinemas on January 1, 2019.

Jacob is a story of a Second-Hand clothes seller who works tirelessly to survive on the streets of Ghana. Interestingly, his well-to-do friends and customers constantly buy from him on credit. Jacob explores all avenues to ensure his business doesn’t collapse. Meanwhile, he lives with his distant cousin who is lazy, sits at home and prefers to waste the little he makes on girls.

The movie directed by Salifu Zakarifeatures Ghana’s leading actors such as Prince David Osei, John Peasah A.K.A Bra Charles of YOLO fame, Anthony Wood, Belinda Dzattah, Aaron Adasti, AKA Cyril of YOLO Fame, Hogan Gabriel, A.K.A comedian Hogan and a host of other Ghanaian actors.

Jacob is scheduled for premiere on Wednesday, 1st January 2019 at the global cinemas. Tickets go out for a cool 30GHC for single and 50GHC for double.

The movie is created by Hogan Gabriel who doubles as the Executive producer of the movie. For tickets and other enquiries, call 0543344293.


Watch the trailer below:

Click here for ticket details.


Source: Tieghanaonline.com

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