Calls for me to be Tourism Minister ‘unhealthy’ – Akwasi Agyemang

Chief executive of the Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA), Akwasi Agyemang has rubbished calls by entertainment critic Ola Michael for him to be made the Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture.

According to Mr Agyemang, such calls are unhealthy and must not be entertained.

Ola Michael, speaking on Showbiz 927 on 3FM with MzGee, said he believes strongly that Mr Akwasi Agyemang can do a better job than Barbara Oteng Gyasi, who is the current Minister of the sector.

The movie producer stressed that Barbara Oteng Gyasi is a “total misfit” because she does not know anything about the sector she is handling.

“Catherine [Afeku, former Minister of the sector] was on a learning process. She almost got some few things right before she exited. She has so many faults but was getting some few things right. This current one, to me, is a total misfit,” he said.

Ola Michael added, “I wish they could have brought somebody like Akwasi Agyemang who seems to be now running the whole industry in a very simple way. This woman doesn’t know jack about what she’s doing.”

To buttress his point further, the entertainment critic noted that, “Akwasi Agyemang is running the industry. Right now, Kumasi people are getting loans from GTA. This minister couldn’t do anything about it.”

But the GTA boss holds a contrary view. For him, the sector Minister is doing a good job.

“Let’s not even start that conversation. It’s a very unhealthy and unfortunate statement. I work to a board and a minister, the fact that I have to go out there as the implementing agency doesn’t mean that my minister is not doing her work. She does her work; she is at the background…” Mr Agyemang said.

He stressed that the minister is doing a lot – including the Ghana Film Authority, Creative Arts Bill and Afro Nation – for the sector.

Source: 3news.com

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