Fishing Communities Get Ghc 7.5m In New Projects Under Current Premix Arrangement

The restructured National Premix Fuel Secretariat has guided Landing Beach Committees to save up to GhC 7.5m for various projects in fishing communities.

The gains were made following the NPFCs strict enforcement of provisions in LI 2233 Clause 27 (2) which states that “each landing beach committee shall open a bank account for the fishing community into which 53% of the proceeds of margins from the sale of Premix fuel shall be paid.”

This is what has resulted in the over Gh7.5m accumulated across various Landing Beach Committee accounts in close to two (2) years nationwide.

The projects includes an Ultra-modern Market square with stores, Drainage systems, Biogas Toilet facilities, CHPS Compounds and Hostels.

Sourced from the 53% community development fund, the projects are currently underway and remain at various stages of completion.