Former Ivorian president laurent Gbagbo is out of jail today after 7 years imprisonments.

Gbagbo is released. Provisional Freedom is granted for former Ivorian leader. The final release hearing will be in March 2019.

provisional release was granted to Charles Blé Goudé and his mentor Laurent Gbagbo after more than 7 years of detention in jail in Scheveningen prison in The Hague. The atmosphere is currently crazy at home GBAGBO in Abidjan.

“It’s a day of joy,” proclaimed his wife Simone Gbagbo.

The former first lady of Côte d’Ivoire did not fail to salute the quality of the work of the defense team of the former Ivorian head of state, led by French Emmanuel Altit.

Formal Ivorian president laurent Gbagbo is out of jail today after 7 years imprisonments

She also thanked the “young patriots”, for their constancy in the mobilization, which, according to him, gave birth to this decision of provisional release, in favor of the former strongman of Abidjan and his godson Blé Goude.

Ms. Gbagbo also wished the judges to go a little further, until the acquittal of these two co-defendants. “It is still time for the judges to go far in the case,” she said.

It should be noted that the month of March 2019 was chosen by the judges of the Trial Chamber of this international court to rule on the decision of acquittal or not Laurent Gbagbo and his former Minister of Youth Charles Blé Goudé .

It should be remembered that well before, 13 requests for provisional liberties had been rejected by the judges of the chambers of first instance in charge of the case.
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