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I Am Single And Searching At Age 64 – Gloria Akuffo

I Am Single And Searching At Age 64 - Gloria Akuffo
I Am Single And Searching At Age 64 – Gloria Akuffo

As Africans, marriage is very important to us not just for the normal institution it is, but also for the fulfilment of a certain status! In our society, there’s a greater expectation placed on women to be married at a certain age.

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As a result, there’s always pressure on especially ladies at a certain age to settle down with a man. Failure to do so will bring a whole lot of pressure on the lady irrespective of her social status as in the case of Ghana’s incumbent Attorney General, Gloria Akuffo.

Speaking to Lexis Bill on Joy FM’s Personality Profile segment, Gloria Akuffo uncovered that she is hundred percent single and seeking and with the daring desire to settle down with a man if she gets one irrespective of her old age – 64.

The mother of two further revealed that her current plight was made possible because she couldn’t get a man to marry her at her prime.

“Who said in the event that I got someone I won’t wed today? I have not discovered the individual yet. I am as yet looking”, She uncovered on the show..

Asked by host what is repelling her from going for somebody, she demanded “Possibly I have not been found and I have not found”

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Pushed to give the qualities of her optimal man, she revealed “a companion that I can be with. I can be furious I can giggle and a genuine companion you can sit with inspite of whatever distinctions you will have into the future you can think back and chuckle together and walk your maturity together”

Gloria Akuffo
Gloria Akuffo, Ghana’s incumbent Attorney General

As indicated by her, she is still in the forested areas searching for that individual who will stroll down the path with her possibly later on yet said she isn’t sure on the off chance that somebody will need to wed her at such an age.

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Madam Gloria Akuffo who was raised from a polygamous family having her youngsters with “individuals’ spouses” yet expressed if another opportunity, she “wouldn’t have done it today.”

“You know my experience. I was naturally introduced to a major home and at that age, you truly didn’t think there was anything. Be that as it may, genuinely, perhaps I wouldn’t have done it today. “You grow up not by any stretch of the imagination seeing a major issue with having an association with somebody’s [husband].”, she uncovered.


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