‘Kubolor’ Movie To Rebirth Kumawood on September 21

Whoever once posited that Kumawood is dead should perhaps wake up from slumber. The storyline for this classic movie, sound and graphics quality, appropriate cast selection as well as the location of the movie dubbed, “Kobolor” is just a masterpiece.

“Kubolor” tells the story of the problems married people in our Ghanaian communities encounter in reference to the profession and educational background of the spouses involved. In the movie, Emelia Brobbey (Jessica) who is married to Kalybos (Alex) was acting bossy towards her husband because of the husband’s low level of education and profession (Taxi driver) and was later nicknamed “Kobolor” by the nagging wife, Jessica.

Kubolor Kumawood
Kubolor Movie Premieres

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As a result of the maltreatment faced by Alex in the hands of Jessica in the marital home, he sadly passed away along the line. However, the sons (Amos and Frema) made life uncomfortable for their mother with the idea that the mother masterminded the death of their father (Alex).

As events unfold after the sudden demise of Alex, Jessica had the shock of her life when she came to the realisation that all that glitters is not gold. This is because Jenny (Jessica’s close friend and professional colleague) who’s married to an elite, specifically a barrister is a damn bully (woman beater).

In the process, Bill Asamoah as Asamoah (Educated Taxi driver), after the sudden demise of Alex wanted to take advantage but the sons prevented him. In the voice of the sons, they won’t allow Asamoah or any other man to take advantage over their mother in the name of marriage.

Kalybos In Kubolor Movie
Kubolor The Movie

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Ahh well, will the sons (Amos and Frema) allow their mother to marry after swearing Heaven and Earth? What becomes of the children of Alex? Will they have it easy with Jessica? Who’ll let sleeping dogs lie between the sons and Jessica? These questions and many more will be answered on Friday, September 21, 2018, during the premier inside Kumasi City Mall between the hours of 4 pm and 9 pm.

The cast includes Emelia Brobbey, Bill Asamoah, Kalybos, Tracey Boakye and some talented new acts. The most-talked movie, “Kobolor” is produced by Miracle Films in collaboration with the ‘Watch & Dine’ Cinema in Kumasi. It is, however, has a financial support from Zylofon Arts Fund. Truly, “Kubolor” was well directed and edited to meet the global movie lovers’ expectation.


More importantly, for more enquiries on the movie especially tickets to watch the premiere of “Kobolor” on Friday, September 21, contact; 0240308721 or 0248137711, 0509200092 as well as Zylofon offices in Kumasi.

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