No Matter What NPP, EC Does, Mahama’s Comeback Is A Done Deal – Agbenyo Says

No Matter What NPP, EC Does, Mahama's Comeback Is A Done Deal - Agbenyo Says
No Matter What NPP, EC Does, Mahama’s Comeback Is A Done Deal – Agbenyo Says

A Deputy National Communications Director of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), has said John Mahama’s victory in the 2020 general elections is assured despite seeming sabotage from both the incumbent party and the Electoral Commission (EC). 

According to Fred Agbenyo, there will be a massive change in 2020 with the come back of John Dramani Mahama and that is what Ghanaians are saying everywhere. 

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Let the National Organiser of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) be appointed as the EC boss, NDC will suffer but will emerge the winner in 2020,” Agbenyo said on Peace FMs Kokooko Morning Show. 

He stated, “We (NDC) are convinced that Ghanaians have tasted both parties and knows which of them is better in terms of governance, therefore, we are advocating the youth of this country to go out and register so that they can vote out the NPP in 2020″.

Mr Agbenyo indicated that politicians always see things differently when they are in government and opposition. He said the governing party will always try to justify every situation and see it as perfect whilst their counterparts in opposition will always oppose or criticize what is being done. 

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“Sadly the NPP sees everything the EC does as perfect, and this doesn’t help the stakeholders in elections,” he said. 

We (political parties) have been on the ground and knows all the constituencies as well as their challenges, therefore we should raise concerns for the EC to address since the commissioners are new to the job,” Mr Agbenyo stressed. 

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Mr Agbenyo noted that the ruling NPP seems to be scared of the youth of this country, therefore, they are not willing to call them (youth) to go and register in the limited voter’s registration. 

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