Polysea Movies To Premiere Cord Of Destiny on Otober 26

Polysea movies is set to release yet the hottest and most educative movie of the year.
The movie, CORDS OF DESTINY which tells the story of how careless we had become with umbilical cords and how
evil men find joy in using such cords for evil purposes is a classic movie deserving of public view.
CORDS OF DESTINY, a movie directed by Yevu Courage is a masterpiece which portrays a perfect picture of the
darkness in the world.  It calls to mind the beauty of our culture and how bad it is for us to gradually lose the very
essence of such cultural practices as burying the umbilical cord of babies.
Also special about the movie is the fact that the cast is made up of new faces who are super-talented and well-poised.
Come 26th October 2018, you have no reason not to be at the Global Cinemas in Accra where this movie would be premiered at exactly 7PM sharp. It is a must attend.
Production House:  Polysea Multimedia & Playback Images…
Story and Screenplay: Yevu Courage & stan Zenit
Directed by: Yevu Courage
Asst. Director: Asamoah Samuel
Executive Producer: Mr.Yevu Dodzi Prosper
Producer: Yevu Courage
Watch the trailer below:



Culture they say is away of life! What if there was no culture ? What if there were no beliefs ? How would we live on this earth ? 
We’re born and raised with aims of becoming successful; we’re born to win . Nevertheless, the creator is believed to have created everyone with their own destinies ! What if you lose your destiny to someone? Legacy has it that, when babies were born , their channel of communication (placenta x umbilical cord ) between them and their mothers were buried around the house or in the town of brth. My grandmother told me –mine was buried behind the coconut tree in our house ! What about you ? Where was yours buried? Child birth was smooth and unlike today where pregnant women go through much difficulty when giving birth . Because of this , delivery at home is no more safe . we then rush to hospitals, clinics or health facilities for safe deliveries . But ….What happens to these cords believed to be the cords of destiny ? Evil men do a whole lot of bad deeds , our unborn babies’ cords ain’t safe anymore …..innocent babies are sold off or if lucky only their umbilical cord x placenta are sold …and guess what happens to these cords when they’re been sold out ……watch this awareness movie and find out answers to your questions…
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