Top 5 Best Products For Affiliate Marketing In Ghana

Top 5 Best Products For Affiliate Marketing In Ghana

I’m pretty sure you’ve watched a comedy video in the past few days. And while the characters in the video were bent on making you laugh, they spoke about a product. They praised it so much that they dropped a link and maybe, a code for you to enter to purchase such a product. That is called affiliate marketing.

You may not have watched a video. But you may have seen a celebrity talking about a product on their page and then dropping a link. It is all affiliate marketing. What do these celebrities gain from marketing a product and attaching a link to a website? They earn commissions once you purchase. So yes, it is a side hustle.

Affiliate marketing however according to Wikipedia is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate Marketer’s marketing efforts. In simpler terms, once the marketer uses their marketing efforts which can be a funny video, a YouTube tutorial on a product, or your favourite celebrity posts a picture with the product in the background, and you buy such products, they are entitled to a percentage of the sale. 

In Ghana, affiliate marketing has started to make waves just as online businesses are flourishing. People are taking it up as a side hustle and so can you. But why should you? It is because it is a business that doesn’t need capital to start. With your smartphone, you can jump into affiliate marketing even on WhatsApp.

The question is, what are the top 5 best products for affiliate marketing in Ghana? Well, that is when we come in handy with numerous options for you. Nonetheless, we would advise that you pick an option that resonates with your personality which is the key to success in affiliate marketing.

5. Cosmetics

We are in an era where skin health is of the utmost importance. With great communication skills coupled with sales tactics targeting an audience, cosmetics can be one of the best products for affiliate marketing in Ghana.

Ladies these days cannot go without makeup, skincare routines, and organic skincare products. Organic skincare producers are estimated to make over 100% profit on their investments. Take advantage of that. Make a deal with them and earn a well-deserved income.

Thankfully, affiliate marketing sometimes allows you from 5% to 50% of sales profits thus without investing capital, you may be able to make some lucrative income from cosmetics. It is one of the best marketing ideas with a huge impact so most companies go for this.

4. Financial Products

Financial Products is one of the top 5 best products for affiliate marketing in Ghana. Why? Because while people make an income that they spend daily, they would also like to save and invest smartly.

Loans, insurance policies, financial protection, and real estate are Financial Products. For instance, you may market real estate to a prospect. Once they become a paying customer, the real estate company entitles you to sometimes a 5 to 10 percent as commission.

All you need do is contact a trustworthy real estate firm and offer your marketing skillset as an affiliate marketer and you’re on your way to earning great money.

3. Phones and Accessories

You may have a few friends who would occasionally post phones on their WhatsApp status for sale. The thing is, you know they are not into the phone and accessories business so you may not pay any attention to it.

It will surprise you to know that, the phone supplier may pay your friend a 10 to 15 percent commission once the phone is sold.

And so yes, phone and accessories have been one of the best products for affiliate marketing in Ghana that has can be termed a bit traditional.

Now that you know, ask your friends to connect you to these phones and Accessories sellers and get into business with them.

Just imagine selling a few iPhones weekly and that should be motivation enough. However, make sure you in business with a brand that is trustworthy not just to treat you well, but to give the customers you bring in great customer care. That in turn will build trust and bring you more customers.

2. Health and Fitness

Everyone wants to look and feel good. Kindly leverage that. From dietary supplements to slim teas, weight gain products, gym attires, and so on. Your customers are in your school, workplace, churches, and so on.

We highlighted choosing an option that resonates with you earlier. If you have a great body that turns heads, your smart choice when it comes to the best products for affiliate marketing in Ghana is health and fitness products. You would not have to speak much to convert a prospect to a customer. Why? Because your body speaks volumes.

Get in business with these weight loss brands, big booty and boobs brands, and so on for financial stability.

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If you are not concerned with how you look, this is no option for you. Most celebrities with a clothing line are only successful because they can rock what they sell.

With this, the brand should be willing to give you products you can rock, take pictures of, and post. Once your friends start questioning where you get them, you will realize that that is how you reach your target demographics while making cool cash.

To shock you even further, most Instagram influencers you see rocking top-notch outfits are only affiliate marketing. You will notice that they drop links so you can also buy such products and that is how they also make their income.


Affiliate marketing doesn’t necessarily need a certificate so that means even students can earn money from this outlet.

Now you may ask, can affiliate marketing make you rich? Well, that would depend on your dedication and consistency. That is why it is best to choose a product that best resonates with you as we mentioned earlier. If you love fashion, you would be more confident marketing it compared to real estate which may bring a bigger commission.

To sum it up, one of these top 5 best products for affiliate marketing in Ghana can be a side hustle that you would enjoy, yet bring in lucrative income.

Please do well to share with friends and family. Affiliate marketing may be the best side business you have been looking for. 

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