The “Edem Take Over” phase one – a presidential rollout with flooded streets of Togo | PHOTOS

Ghanaian artiste Edem had a warm reception massively from Fans in Togo as he embarked on his media tour in the neighbouring francophone country. The fans surrounded the ‘VRMG’ Head honcho’s entourage, showing their love for the act they popular call ‘Ayigbe Edem’ though he now just goes by the name ‘Edem’.

He was given a ‘presidential’ treatment, with fans all over the streets just to catch a glimpse of the award-winning Rapper. The “Edem Togo Takeover” which begun from the 29th April to 5th May met with interviews and gigs.

Edem as passionate as he is about the rise of Volta Musicians went along with the Volta Music Awards artiste of the year Keeny Ice on his tour.

Edem played shows at Miami 228, Charleston, Djeton Pas 2, Carré Discotheque and Mad Complexe respectively together with visits to their radio stations to be interviewed.

In an interview with the press, “I was in Togo as a guest celebrity artiste to perform on an annual festival dubbed African Rhythms Festival aimed at bringing together all the biggest African acts around the continent to promote music made in Africa”, he said.

It was a 3-day event, where Day One was marked by music workshops, Day Two was held Da Oba where artistes performed “, he said about his Togo trip. He made it known that artistes from Senegal, Mali, Guinea and other African countries took their turns after him.

Edem also disclosed that he was in the music lab with Coco Van M and Masta Poppa. His collaboration with the biggest Francophone act, Toofan was scheduled later in August. When asked what he had learnt about the Togo music industry which was different from ours, he said “Well what I noticed is, the fans really appreciate the acts and the various platforms pay more attention to music made in Togo”, he said. Yours truly Ayigbe Edem, Kojo Antwi and CK Mann are the known names on the lips of the Togolese people.

Ayigbe Edem further went on to say that “I think the fact that artistes get paid by radio and television stations that play their music. We need that here. Which is something our industry is not doing?”

(Story: Roberta Gabby)