Thousands Of Art Lovers Make Worlafest Second Largest Arts Fest In Ghana

One of Ghana’s bright stars and multi-talented musician, Worlasi took all African music and arts lovers through a day of unequaled pleasure on 7th December 2018 during his Worlafest show held at the Alliance Francais in Accra.
Patrons at the third Worlafest which happens to be the first ever one to be infused with arts exhibition  were held spellbound by a display of authentic African and Ghanaian visual arts ranging from paintings, drawings, cartoons, pottery, beads and many other super-fantastic visual arts. Many a patriot described the full-day of arts exhibition as the second biggest arts festival they’ve witnessed in Ghana, only next to the famous “Chalewote Arts Festival”.
The event saw Worlasi and many other musicians who also double as visual artists display their unique art skills to the general public.
The event was crowned with a mind-blowing musical concert with spectacular performances from the likes of Worlasi, Manifest, Epixode, Akan, Trigmatic and many other Ghanaian gods of the mic.
A cross-section of the Ghanaian public made up of business people, students, corporate individuals and the media were present at the first ever Worlafest music concert. Despite a tall list of events gracing the streets of Accra on that date, Worlasi gathered over 3,000 people at the maiden edition of his festival.
The event which was held to promote arts in the country and serve as an avenue for vendors to make some cash during the festive season can only be underrated as it served its purpose perfectly and scored an excellent mark in the books of critics.
The Worla Festival of Arts and Music is set to see its Fourth edition in grandstyle, come 2019.
Take a look at the photos and videos below to have a feel of the festival as it happened.
Source: Tieghanaonline.com
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