Your Phd In English Can’t Take You To Places I’ve Been – Delay Mocks ‘LAFA’ QUEENS

Ghanaian TV Personality and Entrepreneur, Deloris Frimpong Manso, known popularly as Delay has jabbed individuals who fancy English Language to their own languages.

In our part of the world, Ghana, most people brag about credentials and that fact that they can speak in the Queen’s language with ease.

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Similarly in our various preparatory schools, students who’re unable to speak in English are punished for obvious reasons.

Interestingly, Delay is of the view that English speaking is nothing because after all being able to speak English language fluently doesn’t pay bills.

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In the voice of the television diva, Ghanaian language specifically Twi has taken her to many places where those with PhD and Masters in English can’t go.

Speaking at the woman rising CEO SUMMIT, Delay emphatically stated that she will not carry English on her shoulders like a badge of honor as many Ghanaians cherish.

“Where I’ll go with my Twi, you can’t go there with your Masters or PhD in English Says Delay.

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Watch the full video below:


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