Sairui Mall: The New Way Of Making Money On The Internet

Sairui Mall: The New Way Of Making Money On The Internet
Sairui Mall: The New Way Of Making Money On The Internet

With the increase in internet usage doubling every other month, one of the greatest questions asked today is: How to make money online. 

Interestingly, there have been several answers provided for this question.  

However, better answers keep coming every other day as we discover more brilliant ways of making money rather than completing surveys and waiting to click on ads all day for a little token, as huge as 0.50 USD.

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There have been several money-making schemes introduced to us.  From Superlife to Max international, through to Qnet and Touchlife among others.

While many think shy of these could be the best bet for making money online, today, we dare to introduce you to a more fulfilling way of making money online. 

How about making money from just buying goods at whole sale prices and not having to sell them yourself? 

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What about not worrying about monthly subscription payment?

Well, I introduce you to the freshest business in town today,  SAIRIU MALL INTERNATIONAL.




Sairui mall, just like Jumia and the others, provides room for people from all over the world to sell and buy goods via their E-commerce platform.

What’s more, Sairui mall has a unique business model which makes it possible for individuals to make unlimited amounts of money daily from their business.

Interesting right? Well, let’s check out how this model works. 

So, basically, there are five compensation plans for this company. I shall give you details of the five plans later. 

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Now, after selecting a plan of your choice and paying your registration fee which is usually some small amount of money depending on your preferred package, you get to purchase some items from a list to the tune of a pre-determined amount likened with your preferred package.

You purchase the items at a wholesale price and then Sairui mall gets to keep the item in their online shop for you. 


Rather shockingly, Sairui mall does the rest of the work for you from here. They resell your products in a virtual online shop (your user account). And this time, they sell it at a retail price. 

You are then paid the profit on the sales after every ten days and at the end of the month. 

With an increasing number of people always on the site to buy, you’re assured of making your money every 10 days. 

What’s more, they also give you additional free products at the end of the term of the resell. 

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Watch the info-graphics below to see the various packages and how they work:

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Few Facts About Sairui Mall

  • One time payments of registration.
  • No monthly renewal of authorship.
  • Make profit every 10days with free product from the mall.
  • Free products every 10days.
  • You don’t need to refer and network(bring people on board)  before you earn.
  • Has a license and registered to operate in Ghana and beyond.
  • It is the cheapest online business one can ever get in this our era

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For more information on this wonderful opportunity of making money online, click on the link below to join our training group or call 0240468001.

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