Stop Taking Our Wives From Us – Prisoners Charge Towards Officers

There is a growing tension at the Nsawam Medium Security Prisons as inmates have demanded the immediate removal of the leadership of the prison officer managing the facility.

According to a report by Kasapafmonline, the prisoners have threatened to embark on a massive demonstration in the prison yard which will be very difficult for anybody to control should their call fall on deaf ears.

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The inmates are reportedly issuing this threat because they feel the leadership of the prisons have for some time now been treating them unfairly.

For instance, the inmates alleged that some of the prison officers snatch their wives from them when they come for a visit.

“One of the in-charge officers (name withheld) has been exchanging telephone numbers with our wives when they come around to visit us. He will then call to propose to them and will end up telling them all manner of things. “Most of us here, our marriages are on the rocks because of these officers. They are supposed to be professionals but their actions have proven otherwise. The authorities have to change them immediately”, one of the inmates is quoted to have said.

Another inmate also spoke on anonymity. He also claimed that some of the officers have, in recent times, resorted to dividing any food items their visitors bring to them into two. They give them half and order the visitors to return the other half home.

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“They are not giving us good food and when your visitor brings you food from the house, they will order for the food to be divided into two and give you half. On Thursday, September 27, 2018, one of my family members from the Brong Ahafo Region visited me. “She brought along some food but was ordered to divide the food item into two and return half home. The other half which was allowed into the yard and was supposed to be given to me also got lost at the visitor’s room. The ordeal we are going through must stop,” he lamented.  To the inmates, they have endured these “unfortunate incidents” for some time now but cannot allow it to go on again.

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They are therefore pleading the earlier the in-charge officers are changed the better. Otherwise, they will embark on a demonstration for the world to know what they are going through.


Source: Yen.com.gh


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