The Easiest Way To Make Money On The Internet Without Any Risk

For most young people on the internet today, their greatest worry is making money. The desire to make money on the internet has lured many people into scams.
Many people were tempted to join High Interest Yielding Programmes (HIYPS) which took their monies and paid them nothing. I, on my journey to becoming a Crypto entrepreneur had suffered several of such losses.
As such, with my experiences over the years, I have come across several paying investments but this investment I’m about introducing you to is purely unique. It involves no DEPOSITS! Yes, you read it right! No deposits!
Just perform simple tasks and make some cool bitcoins!


This is arguably the best platform at the moment to earn some free money daily!  I joined this platform almost a week ago and it works. You get paid instantly the next day in BTC. It is a Cryptocurrency Social media financed by Binance. All you need to do is Read or Share posts on the platform to qualify for the daily earning pool.

How To Join And Get Paid

Click on the link below:
Then Click on log in with Google.
Fill in your Gmail ID and Password to access the platform.
You will be prompted to download the app.
Now all you need to do daily is to open your app and read the posts in your news feed.
Then click on “Get Read Power” beneath the post to claim your “Power Points”.
I don’t even read, I just scroll down and click on Get Read Power unless I am interested in the topic.
The Bitcoin($$) value of the PowerPoints claimed would be paid instantly to your wallet next day.
You will receive a notification like what you see in the screenshot the next day when you visit the platform.
Withdrawal can be done at all times into your Bitcoin wallet.
You can only claim a maximum of 4000 Power Points Daily from reading posts (20 Posts). However, you could share
posts to others and earn 200 points on each. You could also invite friends and earn 10,000 points on each referral!
What’s more, there’s no limit to the number of referrals and shares in a day!
To get your link, just visit your profile scroll down a bit and Click on Refer A Friend, then follow the prompts to copy
your link.
This is easy money, and it Works!
Start Right Away And Receive Your First Earnings Tomorrow.
Click here to register:

How To Withdraw

Had To Draft This Cos A Lot Are Asking:
1.Log in to app.
2.Go To Profile.
3.Click on Wallet.
4.If you have accumulated some Bitcoin already, a Bitcoin icon will pop up, click on it.
5.Your Bitcoin balance will pop up.
6.Click On Withdraw.
7.Copy and Paste Your Bitcoin address there, and click on submit.
Your BTC will be sent to your address.
Minimum withdrawal is 0.001 Bitcoin.
Is It Compulsory To Refer To Earn?
Absolutely not! I explained how you make money here so I wonder why I’m being asked this.
You only earn more if you refer someone.
However, I don’t know why you are even scared to share a Free to earn opportunity with your friend to earn more.
Breakdown Of Power Earnings
Every Post you read earns you 200 Power.
You can only claim up to 4000 Power a day.
It takes reading only 20 articles, which is very easy.
You don’t even have to read.
For every person you refer to the platform, you earn a whopping
10,000 power, plus 10% of all their Power earnings!
This is Free, and you could earn some good money here if you take it seriously like I’m doing.
NB: This is not a get rich quick scheme and for those of you in doubt, the company earns from advertisements as most crypto companies are tempted to advertise with them. They are the first and only Crypto Social media in the world and that is huge!
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